Hector Mansilla

Lotus Symbolism

Hector Mansilla

The lotus, foremost a symbol of purity which rises clean through the mud and the water toward the air and sun. In the East it has been long used to represent awakening to the spiritual realities of life. Usually depicted as a flower with a deity sitting upon it; symbolizing that the deity has through experiences learned how to “BE” the achetype that it represents. Something from the deep and hidden abyss has risen up, been tested, deemed victorious through attained mastery, and now blossoms in the light for all to see.

design80It has also become a suitable analogy for the chakra system; and specifically kundalini energy that rises up from the base of the spine to above the head;transforming as it goes. The lotus flower is used to illustrate some of the chakra vortices as well.

More recently it has found fresh use as a symbol for heart energy being the medium to more correctly or more smoothly out-pour our analytical head energy; which can be described as a New Paradigm definition of the lotus.

“Centered in my heart, I form a connection from the heavens to the deepest parts of the Earth. In this is spiritual awakening with humility.” By Unknown Author

I will go on to explain the New Paradigm definition now.

aqua We think and we analyze with the our heads; and the Age of Aquarius is a very heady time. We are attempting to exercise global all knowing consciousness and original expressions of individuality all at the same time. The function of our heads take in, absorb, it’s a faculty of attraction. It has trouble turning off, tuning out and it wants more more more. The heart is our space that just knows, the space that just has, and the space that just gives, it is a faculty of emotion. The lotus is the symbol of both the mind and the heart, it’s knowing how to give, and giving what you know. The deity on the lotus has found a balance we call wisdom; It knows how and when to best execute it. We used to look and say he/she is so great, so high above me. Now we say I want to be up there. The lotus teaches us that the ability to rise is possible. We must continue the journey of dismantling and integrating our sometimes overwhelming deep, dark experiences and secrets. Find our special something in the dark that is powerful and align its path toward the light. The water pressure pushing down and all around is a part of our journey. It helps us learn what we should keep in our lives and to let go when something is no longer needed, beneficial, or completed. Water time is also for strengthening our entangled stocks, unifying our common goals and relationships. We are collectively attaining wisdom and leaning to swim. We are also leaning to breath “In with the head, Out with the heart” in rhythm. We are not “The New Paradigm” until we collectively breach the surface out into the new. It has to be New and it has to be a Paradigm. We will know we have attained the air of the sky, and the fire of the sun when we let go to bloom and we see, in fact we are ONE.

Future symbolism of the lotus may include this except found on Wikipedia. “An individual lotus can live for over a thousand years and has the rare ability to revive into activity after stasis. In 1994, a seed from a sacred lotus, dated at roughly 1,300 years old ± 270 years, was successfully germinated. “


Apple Symbolism


The apple is a fascinating symbol that is so crisp, so sweet, so bright in color and luster. It pulls at all five senses and demands our attention. Magnetising the focus of our carnal desires, it begs us to make “the choice”. Representing a gateway to where we think we will find physical satisfaction to very powerful urges, desires, and feelings. We know we have fallen under the apple’s spell when we think we have found “IT”; the answer to our curiosity, our hunger, our orgasm, our problem, our pain, our loneliness, our exhaustion, etc. As such it very much exemplifies the crux of the third dimensional reality. That being, we find ourselves wanting and once the need is satisfied, wanting again. The apple’s shape is also symbolic; It is a natural model of our micro and macro third dimension reality representing the function of magnetism as expressed in its spinning torus shape.


When cut in half it reveals five chambers. Five is the number of man/woman and each chamber represents one of the five elements, Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. Each chamber also contains a seed, these represent “the seeds of eternal life” one for each of the corresponding elements and the understanding of the cyclical nature of that element. They each have a specific nature and their own expression of beginning, middle, end, rebirth. 


The apple seeds also contain toxins, these toxins represent the toxicity that our bodies and personalities form when we develop obsessions and addictions instead of finding balance in the five elements and with creation as a single working whole. The Apple truly does hold the keys to the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil if you meditate upon it. Incarnation in third dimensional reality is about choices and karma. The apple teaches us this : To master life on Earth as humans, we must embrace the responsibility for our ability to choose through a balanced approach and understanding of natural law, the elements and their functions, a belief in the cyclical nature of existence, and that life is about living and learning from our desires, but also to experience love and how to express and flesh out our inner truth, all while continuing to be present through our day to day experiences. The Apple.

Solar flip

The spirit of now using dreams, astrology, meditations, torah readings and just plane life.
image The sun is in the midst of an electric polarity flip its a “once-in-11-years move, and a natural part of Solar Maximum. It will be the fourth time since 1976”. {1} While solar physicists know enough about this strange phenomenon to predict when it will occur, its ultimate causes remain mysterious. During the field flip, the sun’s polar magnetic fields will weaken all the way down to zero, then bounce back with the opposite polarity. The sun’s slowly rotating magnetic field induces an electric current in a huge surface that extends from our star’s equator far out into the solar system. During field reversals, this “current sheet” gets wavier.


After the flip, scientists will keep a close eye on the sun’s magnetic field for two years or so. If it bounces back strongly within that time, they say, the next 11-year solar cycle will likely be a relatively active one. {2} But this has not been the recent trend the last 3 solar maximums have resulted in declining solar activity at the maximum, A phenomenon that has been recorded before in history called Maunder Minimum.
Solar activity is responsible for essentially reboosting the earths magnetic field, without it we are likely to be more susceptible to space weather leaking into our atmosphere and charging up storms and other odd phenomena.

Astrologicaly speaking this aligns with our entering into the age of Aquarius. Throughout this age there will be an emphasis on the air or even above air in space since Aquarius is an air sign.
Another weak field recovery would continue a trend that solar physicists are scratching their heads about,”The polar fields have been getting weaker and weaker over the last 30 years, and so also the following sunspot cycles have been getting weaker over the years,” he said. “We don’t really understand why says Hoeksema {2} The north pole has apparently already switched over, essentially giving the sun two south poles for the moment. {3}. So at its finish what is considered north pole on earth will be south pole on the sun.

Between now and February we will likely see and feel the remainder of the this flip. Keep in mind that all is essentially ONE and that what happens on the Sun is an outward expression of an inward reality in the higher and lower vibrational fields. The Sun, the Earth, and even You all have intersecting, interacting energy fields.
This last year has been a time of reversal and undoing. Those of us who are practicing spiritual work and spending the time in meditation have been knowingly experiencing this though it still remains and is happening even for those who are not as open to mystical things. The undoing is of course a precursor to an opportunity for new growth, and continued evolution. It is laying the ground work for what will be built upon it for the rest of our lifetimes. The building of the new paradigm and the rise of the fifth age. Just as you see and feel the power of the sun physically with your five senses there is also as much power in the fields outside of these ranges of experience.
Even after the flip we are not out of the woods yet in regard to the current larger transition. A quick look at the news tells you that the patriarchy is still strong and doesn’t yet desire balance and will likely pull a rabbit or two out of its hat before the middle of next year. If tough times arise don’t let them steer your focus away or distract you. Always remember its good that we go through hard times, they allow us to test ourselves, and transform what we think into what we have seen. The current electric energy sheet extends out from the sun’s equator across the solar system, like a skirt from the waist of a twirling dancer{3}
During the solar magnetic flip the electric current sheet gets swirly and wavy. As the Earth orbits the sun, we plunge in and out of the swirly sheet. Earth is not the only celestial body to slip and slide the current sheet, all space stuff is plunging in and out as well.{4}

We are like a ship at sea. Where we go we bring the light, and so we sail into the darkness; that is where the light does its work of transformation. From dark to light, from unseen to seen.

This will be my last post in a weekly format for a while , I feel lead to spend some time working within through March and focusing on the orange string idea. www.imawakened.com

Thanks and much love

The last flips occurred in 1970, 1981, 1992, 2002-3, 2013-14 I’m curious if there are any significant events that tie together these years?

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